Payment choice for every customer

Allowing people to pay when, where and how they want is a necessity in today’s consumer environment.

The right prepaid card programme can help your business increase sales, improve cash flow, target new customer bases and create loyalty. That’s where Wirecard Card Solutions comes in, with our extensive portfolio of prepaid programmes for both individuals and corporate customers.

From consumer cards that make it easy to share money with family and friends around the world, to payroll cards that enable cheap and secure payroll management, our prepaid products are accepted at ATMs, point of sale terminals, online and offline worldwide.

And because we are constantly developing our portfolio to stay ahead of market trends, we support contactless technology, which can be integrated into wearables like wristbands. Our virtual cards allow you to pay online safely and securely without having to use a physical card.

Our portfolio

  • Consumer Cards

    General spending

    Discover the benefits of flexible spending with our prepaid cards for consumers. Whether you’re looking for a better way to manage your budget, or you’re seeking an alternative to traditional credit and debit cards, prepaid consumer cards are the perfect solution. They’re also great for instantly sharing money with family members and friends across the world 24/7.

    At a glance

    • Flexible consumer spending
    • Accepted everywhere
    • Personalised branding opportunities
    • E-wallet and E-account solutions
  • Corporate Cards

    Tracking expenses

    Prepaid cards are an ideal way for companies to manage payment expenses, such as travel and per diem allowances. Our corporate cards allow you to set spending limits ahead of time and reduce the need for time-consuming expense reports. Plus, employees have instant access to funds and can pay conveniently by card.

    At a glance

    • A flexible way to track and manage payment expenses
    • Can streamline the expense reporting process
    • Can be customised with your own branding
    • Instant access to funds for employees
  • Incentive Cards

    Customised branding

    When it comes to rewarding employees and partners for their hard work, incentive cards are the most versatile option available. Recipients can use the cards to purchase what they really want. Plus, incentive cards can be customised with your corporate branding, providing an ideal loyalty solution for customers.

    At a glance

    • An effective vehicle for employee recognition bonuses
    • Accepted everywhere
    • Easily customised with your corporate branding
    • An ideal loyalty solution for customers
  • Travel Cards

    Safer than cash

    Making payments while travelling abroad doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive: our travel cards enable you to pay by card anywhere in the world. It’s safer than carrying large sums of cash with you, and multiple currency options mean you never to have to worry about exchanging money.

    At a glance

    • Safer than carrying cash abroad
    • More convenient than travellers cheques
    • Accepted everywhere
    • Multiple currency options available
  • Payroll Cards

    Electronic management

    For many businesses, payroll cards present an attractive alternative to paying employees by check or cash. They are cheaper than traditional banking methods, and since the payroll process is electronic, payroll cards also increase efficiency and transparency. Employees experience benefits too: they receive their wages instantly and they don’t need to have a bank account to access them.

    At a glance

    • A cheaper alternative to traditional banking methods
    • Efficient, transparent electronic payroll management without the need for cash or cheque wage payments
    • Opens up convenient worldwide payment solutions across affiliate networks
    • Great for contractors or seasonal workers
  • Gift Cards


    Allow your customers to spend exactly what they want, how they want with our flexible gift card programme. Whether you’re interested in open loop gift cards, which can be used at any number of stores, a closed loop gift cards, which can only be redeemed at a specific location, or something in between, we have a Prepaid Card that meets your needs. In addition, our gift cards can be customised with your store or shopping centre’s branding to promote customer loyalty.

    At a glance

    • Open loop and closed loop programmes, limited and unlimited network programmes
    • Can be customised with your branding
    • Promotes customer loyalty and increases spending patterns
    • Available in multi-currency
  • Teen Cards

    Controlled spending

    Help your teenagers develop responsible spending habits with our prepaid cards just for teens. Pre-set limits allow you to monitor spending, while giving your teenagers the freedom to use the cards at ATMs, point of sale terminals and online, just like debit and credit cards. Plus, instant loads make teen cards perfect for emergencies.

    At a glance

    • An effective tool to introduce money management to teens
    • Easy to use
    • Accepted everywhere
    • Secure and reliable transactions
    • Instant loads (perfect for emergencies)
  • Contactless Technology

    Fast and convenient

    Our Contactless Technology programme allows you to take advantage of the latest innovations in payment technology. Cards enabled with contactless technology no longer require a chip and PIN to complete a transaction, simplifying and speeding up the payment process. In addition, contactless technology can be integrated into a variety of products. Wearable payment devices such as wristbands are already revolutionizing the way concert-goers, amusement park visitors, hotel guests and others make payments.

    At a glance

    • A fast and convenient way to make payments
    • Simplifies transactions without the need of a chip and PIN
    • Can be integrated into many products including wristbands
  • Virtual Cards

    Online payments

    Making purchases and payments online is convenient, but not everyone is comfortable using their debit or credit card on the Internet, and some people may not qualify for a credit card. That’s where our virtual cards come in. Customers are provided with a card number, expiry date and security code, and can load money into a related prepaid account. They experience all the benefits of paying by card online or over the phone, with none of the risk.

    At a glance

    • A safer way to pay online and by phone
    • Helps to keep your financial information private
    • No need for a physical plastic card